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Mobile Application Concept


Bring people and their cities back to life.

Emcee is an iOS app designed to do just that. The app focuses on connecting users and their friends with community events, highlighting what's fun tonight!

Details on event pages help users plunge into new territories, see how many friends are interested, event locations, and extensive event info. A QuickMatch option provides users with personalized event suggestions, taking users from "Hmmm" to "Lets do this!" fast.


Our rapid design process involved countless drawings, whiteboard sketches, and brainstorms to move our designs forward and find our initial direction.

Drawings let us quickly iterate over ideas that would influence the final design, and were particularly useful in developing our navigation elements. Whiteboard sketching was used as a communication tool it was essential in our journey to define the interface specifics.


Wireframing our app was important in finding issues when moving from our initial sketches into more detail. Our goals were to understand visual weight in the interface, figure out how it fits into the interaction schemes set out by Apple, and lay out the information that we would need for each individual screen.

Graphic Design

During the development of our wireframes we worked to develop our style and identity. We explored different colors, fonts, shapes, and general themes that would resonate throughout our design. Colors were picked out of photos of nightlife and clean fonts were chosen for easy readability on smartphones.


Sam Kobe. Scott Inglis.

Colin Cove. Lief Swanson


Web Development

Content, Wireframing